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Product Introduction: Tuba emulsion paint:Application Scope:Applicable to the dinning room,bedroom,leisure place of wall and ceiling finish
Tuba emulsion paint:
Application Scope:

Applicable to the dinning room,bedroom,leisure place of wall and ceiling finish,can be constructed on the based of brick and stone,plaser,concrete,hardwood,etc.

Coating requirements:
dry,strong,smooth,clean and free of oil

Recommended Paint System: 
1.Base surface--putty treatment coated 2 times
2.Primer---1 coat of TUBA  anti-alkali primer 
3. TUBA emulsion paint---2 coats of  TUBA interior emulsion paint.
4. Toppaint---2 coats of TUBA transparent waterborned toppaint.

1. High covering power odorless interior paint Multi function for bedrom.
2. Economy and durability.
3. Water-based environmental protection, non-toxic, water- based emulsion.
4. Good stain resistance, easy to clean.
5 .Long service life up to 15 years.     

Theoretical consumption : 8-10square meters/ kg
Storage: cool and dry place,the temperature is higher than 0 degree.
Shelf life: 12 months (closed)
Packing:  6KG / 20KG .

Hiding Power  test
We apply two paints on the test card, as you can see, there are no black stripe in the left  part,Meanwhile,the right part is different, like covered by a piece of gauze.Additionally, the left part looks more white and pure.

Anti-scrub test
The paints were hard dry after applyed on the test card two day ago. We choose hard hair teeth brush to scrub the two paints successively. After scrub the  two parts about fourty times, the left part  remains intact  while the right  part has lost one piece, and showed black  background.

Washability Test
After  we put four stains,soy sauce,black tea, ink, marker pen on the two paints for several minutes. We wipe the paints with a clean  cloth, the lefe part remains as  a new one, while the right part  has left  four imprints of the four  stains.

Waterproof   Test
Spray   the  water to TUBA  paint   and others paint, as you see, the water  in TUBA  paint  formed  little beads, meanwhile, the water penetrate in others paint. TUBA paint  prevent  water penetration  in house for customers.

Odor  Test
When we remove the stopper, there are not any strange odor in the air, even  we approach  to the tube. Only after  we  put  our nose above the tube, there are a kind  of  slightly but not excitant  odor, while  other paint smells  excitant.

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