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China Tuba waterbased wooding coating

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Product Introduction: TUBA wood coatingTUBA wood coating it is a product which is specially designed for protecting wooden surfaces The
TUBA wood coating

TUBA wood coating it is a product  which is specially designed for protecting wooden surfaces.The wood surface become smooth and glossing after coating,often used on the surface of suite furniture,office desk and dinning table etc.

Application Scope:
Solid wood,MDF, Plywood,Flake board,Bamboo,Rattan.

1.pre-treated substrate
2.wood paint primer
3.wood paint topcoat,spray or brush the wood paint 2-3 times on the wood surface.

1. Ultra-low pollution
2. Natural smooth surface
3. weathering performance
4. Ecological health and fragrant smell
5. Good washability, non-toxic and low VOC

Theoretical consumption: 0.2kg /square meters
Storage: cool and dry place,the temperature is higher than 0 degrees.
shelf life: 12 months (closed)
packing: 20 kg 

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