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China guangdong granite wall paint

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Product Introduction: Granite Colorful PaintApplication Scope:cement mortar, masonry structure, asbestos board, gypsum board and wood and
Granite Colorful Paint
Application Scope: 
cement mortar, masonry structure, asbestos board, gypsum board and wood and other surfaces
Coating requirements:
dry, strong, smooth, clean and free of oil
Construction methods:
 base surface --- putty treatment  2 times
2.seal primer --- the primer in the base evenly roll 1-2 times, brush, spray can also be.
3.Midle coat --- spray or brush  1-2 times after the seal primer drying.
4.Granite paint--- spray liquid granite paint, 1-2 times after the Middle coat drying.
5.Top coat--- spray or brush  the top coat  with a granite paint special spray gun after the Granite paint drying.
1. Pure water-based formula, in line with environmental requirements, no radiation pollution.
 2. Realistic granite marble effect, elegant and luxurious, strong texture, distinctive personality.
 3. Strong weather resistance, lifetime up to more than 15 years. With waterproof, anti-cracking, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-stain, wash resistance, acid rain does not  peel off, and unique high self-cleaning characteristics.
 4. Simple construction , color changeable,single spray gun,a gun and colorful.
 5. Low  cost, high economic benefit.

Construction temperature:
Less than 5 degrees Celsius temperature conditions should not be construction, such as adhere to the construction of the film will change, the phenomenon of lighter color.

Theoretical consumption : 1 -2 KG / square meters/2 times
Storage: cool and dry place, the temperature is higher than 0 degrees.     
Shelf life: 12 months (closed)
Packing:  25 KG

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