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Coated With Paint - Do Not Only Environmental Protection


Jiangmen Tu Ba Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd. has a group of experienced backbone of the elite, plant production machinery and equipment is the introduction of advanced technology formulations in Germany, a sound high-tech testing equipment. After hard work, has a wealth of market experience. The company has now developed into a production, marketing, after-sales service and other powerful elite. The company R & D and production: Tu Pa paint and other products of the natural real stone paint, anti-rust paint, interior and exterior paint, metal paint, fluorocarbon paint, floor paint, art paint, relief paint, gold paint, , Embossed paint, rock paint, furniture, paint and other environmental protection, anti-formaldehyde, washable, stains, smell fragrance.
Companies in the enterprise under the influence of advanced culture, corporate team vigorously "love and respect their jobs, self-improvement, the pursuit of excellence, sustainable development, excellence, customer first, honest reputation, social return" in the industry to win a high Reputation.
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