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tuba exterior texture paint

Product Introduction: Tuba texture paintApplication Scope:cement mortar, masonry structure, asbestos board, gypsum board and wood and othe
Tuba texture paint
Application Scope:
cement mortar, masonry structure, asbestos board, gypsum board and wood and other surfaces.          

Coating requirements:
dry, strong, smooth, clean and free of oil.

Construction methods:
1.base surface - putty treatment coated 2 times.

2.Primer - the primer in the base evenly roll 1-2 times, brush, spray can also be.                
3. Mid coat - spray rock chip stone paint 1-2 times after the primer drying.        
4.Topcoat - spray with a special spray gun spray paint 1-2 times after rock chip paint drying.       
Features: 1. Excellent environmental performance,odorless,weather resistant.
               2. Long service life, up to 15 years.
               3. Water-based environmental protection, non-toxic, water- based emulsion.
              4. Good stain resistance, easy to clean.
              5. A wide range of applications, cement walls, foam, gypsum and other base surface.                          

Construction temperature:
Less than 5 degrees Celsius temperature conditions should not be construction, such as adhere to the construction of the film will change, the phenomenon of lighter color.

Theoretical consumption : 3 -5KG / square meters/2 times
Storage: cool and dry place, the temperature is higher than 0 degrees.     
Shelf life: 12 months (closed)
Packing:  25 KG
               75KG (engineering special packaging)

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