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Tuba Waterproof

  • 911防水
Product Introduction: Tuba waterproof paintTuba waterproof paint (General Type) is formulated by combining high polymer waterproof emulsio
Tuba waterproof paint

Tuba waterproof  paint (General  Type) is formulated by combining high polymer  waterproof emulsion, multipe inorganic materials and addictive agentsproportionately. It is for common utility  of waterproof  purpose.

Product Uses:
-Waterproof projects for construction ceiling, industrial workshop, reservoir, tunnel, bridge etc.
-Buried earthen containment lining
-Rock shield for pipelines
-Liner for waster water disposal pond, cooling tower, aquarium, swimming pool etc.


 Configuration of Coating System:



Can cover minor cracks, against a slight concussion

Can construction on the damp base surface

Can be used with a variety of flexible waterproof coating

Can construction in the complex rough surface

Can avoid whiskering phenomenon effectively


Theoretical consumption:  1 kg / square meters
Storage: cool and dry place, the temperature is higher than 0 degrees.
Shelf life: 12 months (closed)
packing: 20 kg

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