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Tuba flooring paint

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Product Introduction: TUBA flooring paintApplication scope:TUBA flooring paint adopting imported premium raw material,it is a two-component
TUBA flooring paint

Application scope:
TUBA flooring paint  adopting imported premium raw material,it is a two-components,self-leveling product which suits for the needs of indoor.For example, the non-dusty and non-bacteria areas like pharmaceutical factory, hospital,car park,workshop,office room,shopping mall mortar and cement floor.
precision machinery, electronic factory, etc.

Coating requirements:
dry,strong,smooth, clean and free of oil

Configuration of Coating System:


Construction Technology:
1.Base treatment--The base should be solid,dry and free from dust and dirt.
2.Epoxy primer-- Use high adhesive epoxy primer to enhance the adhesion of surface.
3.Under coat--Mix the filler and epoxy component together and brush several times.
4. Self-level topcoat--Let the topcoat self-level the surface smoothly.

1. Beautiful,seamless,dustproof and easy to clean.
2. Strong adhesion,small shrinkage
3.Corrosion resistance to the general chemicals.
4.Good abrasion resistance and durability.

Theoretical consumption: 1KG/ square meters
Storage: cool and dry place, the temperature is higher than 0 degrees.
Shelf life: 12 months(closed)
Packing: 25KG

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