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granite paint for interior and outdoor wall decoration

Multi-color paint that is water-in-water architectural coatings, is based on colloid technology and surface treatment technology, the liquid water-based resin into a colloidal water-based color particles, so that even suspended in a specific aqueous emulsion, and ultimately formed Particle size random colorful colorful polymer liquid colloidal copolymer. It not only has all the characteristics of ordinary architectural coatings, but also has excellent resistance to cracking, weatherability, environmental protection, its imitation of the effect of granite stone has reached the level of fire, true and false difficult to distinguish, so there are imitation granite paint The It is a major innovation in architectural coatings, the current coating is widely used in high-end hotels, residential, commercial summer and villa buildings inside and outside the wall, cement walls, tiles, aluminum and other wall decoration


Tu Pa water lily water colorful paint eight advantages

   The product has the following eight advantages:

    (1) environmental protection and energy saving: water-in-water multi-color paint, water is used as a paint thinner, does not contain organic matter in benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde or free TDI and other toxic metal substances, Paint, and can replace the increasingly scarce precious stone resources, to avoid the excessive exploitation of nature in the granite stone raw materials caused by the destruction of the ecological environment, can effectively maintain the ecological balance, the coating production model in full compliance with the national environmental requirements of architectural coatings The
    (2) the construction period is short: Although the paint on the construction of a higher demand, the need to use a professional spray gun for a variety of colors of uniform spraying, but only a single gun spray a direct molding, can greatly save construction time, such as the general coating A 30-storey building takes 10 months of construction time, while the colorful paint takes only 2 months of construction time, a shortening of the construction period of 8 months.
    (3) excellent anti-cracking performance: a high degree of extension and resistance to buckling characteristics, spraying can completely cover the wall of small cracks, and always keep the paint firm and smooth.
    (4) super self-cleaning function: the wall lasting as new, eliminating the trouble of manual cleaning. Can be a one-time solution to the high-floor facade cleaning problems, if the coating is seriously polluted only water-based cleaning agent can be easily removed.



Tu Pa water lily water colorful paint eight advantages

    (5) resistant to scrubbing, anti-scratch: the use of high-quality imported raw materials for paint production, can greatly improve the wear resistance of the coating and scrub resistance, easy maintenance, so that the building is not affected.

    (6) super weather resistance: the coating has a strong environmental adaptability and resistance, from acid rain erosion and snowstorm, the paint itself has excellent waterproof performance, in the construction without the need to do professional waterproof floor Layer, can extend the life of the building up to 20 years or more.
    (7) high simulation: the effect of building spray from the natural, the appearance of more natural effects, talent, imitation in the color and natural granite stone seamless, visual interface is true and false, can greatly save the cost of decoration The
    (8) creative and strong: design and construction without any restrictions, according to the design needs to change the shape, can also be based on the actual building itself, the flexibility to reflect the building lines and layers. Adapt to any irregular building interface, decorate any curved and fine side parts, greatly satisfying the designer and customer creative space.
    Water-in-water multi-color paint because of its unique creativity and high anti-granite stone effect by the majority of builders and people welcome, the spraying effect can not only beautify the building even more granite stone material decoration effect, not only can save decoration costs, Construction cycle, its energy saving and environmental performance to provide customers with a healthy and comfortable accommodation and living environment.

Tu Pa water lily water colorful paint eight advantages

 Mina Paint - external wall paint professional manufacturers

    Tu Pa paint because of the focus, so professional. Tu Pa paint, was founded in 1990, is the leading production of interior and exterior paint, water-based paint professional enterprises. R & D products include: real stone paint, rock paint, texture paint, liquid granite paint four major product lines, and broken down into hundreds of product varieties, the maximum guarantee of the project customer's personalized, differentiated unique needs , Is the field of paint the most representative of the texture paint, real stone paint professional characteristics of leading enterprises.
    Product advantages:
    ★ perfect natural stone appearance, extraordinary style.
    ★ use of the surface is not restricted, can be replaced spray different color.
    ★ natural sand, never fade, to maintain long-lasting aesthetic effect.
    ★ excellent outdoor durability, strong anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging.
    ★ full spray seamless, completely waterproof, anti-acid rain erosion.
    Trials and hardships, Tu Pa paint with you hand in hand, win-win cooperation, together with the preparation of each section of the beautiful constitution. Grasp the present, we will be innovative and enterprising, pioneers of the team spirit forever forward; look to the future, we will meet difficulties, so that the quality of products covered by Pa Pa word of mouth!

TUBA painting new model effect map






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