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Really Stone Construction Program

1, due to the situation of the base surface is directly related to the construction quality of real stone paint, therefore, in the decoration before the relevant standards must be carefully checked and accepted. Party A should be sprayed on the base of the real stone paint, according to the standard batch of volley.
2, the wall before the plaster, should use the plastic film to green and wall around the facilities to protect.
3, after the batch, the base surface should be smooth, clean, no oil, floating ash or other pollutants exist, and should be fully healthy and dry, moisture content should be less than 8% (new batch of cement wall health period is generally one week to Half a month).
4, the grid part of the application of US profile paper paste, the grid width should be determined in advance. Spray the primer program, to confirm the base surface qualified, can be spray primer operation, that is, the back cover treatment, its purpose is to: prevent the base surface bleeding, alkali, moisture, pollution, swell really stone paint, moisture Through the time is about 60-120 minutes. Spray or batch equipment really stone paint procedures, until the primer dry, you can carry out the construction of real stone paint. First thin and uniform spray the first layer of real stone paint or with a gray shovel thinly wiping a layer of real stone paint to achieve the effect of covering the base surface.
5, spray the real stone paint program, to be the first layer after a little dry, you can carry out the second spray, spray coating to the thickness of uniform coating, floating point size uniform, not exposed as the standard. Under normal circumstances, after spraying the real stone paint, usually after 24 hours to dry. Really finished the total thickness of the stone paint to 2-3MM is appropriate.
6, the surface grinding process, to be really dry stone paint, the need to use ordinary sandpaper and other tools to wear off the surface of the dry sand has been dry sand and sand sharp angle.
7, to dust program, in order to increase the beauty of real stone paint, at the same time, to ensure that the cover agent completely covered, will have been polished to stay in the base surface of the floating ash clean, until it is cleaned and then spray coating agent.
8, spray paint varnish, spray paint must be completely dry in the real paint after the thin, and even spray a layer of about 30 minutes after the hardening can be. Such as the local part of the real stone paint damage, should be promptly repaired before painting varnish.
9, the grid line with a black high-grade exterior latex paint brush, pay attention not to contaminate the other has been completed part.
Construction Notes:
   1, really stone paint construction, must be carried out in the final stage of the renovation works, so as not to dry when the coating was contaminated, damaged. 2, outdoor construction Note that the wind speed is too large will affect the spraying of the construction effect. 3, such as during the heavy rain in the spraying, really stone surface has not yet sprayed the coating agent, the construction part must be covered to prevent rain erosion. Such as once washed by rain, you need to be damaged according to the degree of rework and repair. 4, to confirm the true stone paint completely dry, should be promptly sprayed varnish, to prevent accident. 5, 5 ℃ below the construction of the ambient temperature, will affect the water-soluble paint before the solidification of the water structure,
So under the conditions of the temperature should not be construction (dry after the real stone paint, then the country on the freeze-thaw test minus 40 ℃ standard). 6, with multiple spray gun at the same time spraying the same wall, it should be noted that the gun should be adjusted to the same caliber
So that each shot of the floating point is basically the same, otherwise it will affect the overall effect.

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