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Winter Latex Paint Construction And Maintenance Raiders

Concerned about coated with external wall paint, professional exterior paint brand!

      Latex paint is now indispensable in the decoration process of building materials, it can not only play a protective furniture and the role of the surface of the wall, but also give the rich connotation of the home, add a touch of bright color for the home. Therefore, the maintenance and care of latex paint has become the general concern of the vast number of consumers.

Latex paint construction on the future maintenance has a great impact, the following coated Pa paint for everyone to share the winter latex paint a few notes:
  1, in the choice and purchase of "environmentally friendly" latex paint, began to brush, the window ventilation time is best selected between 10 am and 4 pm, the south window can open a large point, the north to open a little , To prevent the new batch of putty freeze. And so putty completely dry, and then approved the second time. Paint the time interval should be longer, at least 4 hours after the interval in order to brush the second time. If it is latex paint, the interval may reach 8 hours.
2, in case of windy weather, should not be oil work, because the winter sandstorms larger, paint and paint is dry when easy to attach dust. Paint the ambient temperature of not less than 5 degrees Celsius, varnish application temperature is not less than 8 degrees Celsius.
3, the wall, the top of the paint with the number of how much adjustment, the first day of good paint did not finish, the next day is best not to use, because the indoor air dry, water loss faster. Oil pre-putty can not be too thick, otherwise likely to cause hollowing, cracking, wall inequality.
Latex paint ten brands coated Pa paint warm Tip: If it is home improvement latex paint maintenance, then there is no special requirements. Less at home smoking, home to keep clean, more ventilation can be. If children have children at home graffiti, there is a long time to live at home, the walls knock dirty and other issues, are inevitable, then the idea, dirty, then use a white towel water dip in the drop of detergent can. (Latex paint brand can not be too) to bump, then there are many businesses have to provide after-sales service, the problem is serious, then called the service can be called.
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